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Guidance Department

Miss Reinhart
Mrs. Sunday

Miss Madeline Reinhart                                           Mrs. Katie Sunday, Secretary
Guidance Counselor 

Welcome to the Paulding Middle School Guidance office.  The guidance office is here to provide many services, such as:  transition services from elementary to high school; individual and group counseling; academic assistance/goal setting; career awareness; problem solving techniques; peer mediation; and staff/parental support.  Your child's middle school years are very important to us as we are trying to foster their academic and personal development.  On this site, you and your student will gain valuable information on what can be done at home to encourage positive work habits and responsibilities.

Ways To Help Your Child  Be Successful In Middle School

  • talk to your student daily & meet their teachers
  • listen actively & offer encouragement
  • stress the importance of education
  • help foster work habits & responsibilities
  • encourage participation in school & community activities
  • allow them to make choices & mistakes
  • have rules & enforce them
  • monitor their online activity & technology usage
  • be patient & supportive
  • talk about their interests & their future

Organizational Tips

  • copy down all assignments in the agenda along with due dates
  • label one folder for homework and bring it to every class
  • take good notes...write neatly, use abbreviations & recopy when necessary
  • manage time wisely. set aside study time at home & when homework is completed, cross it off in the agenda
  • clean lockers & folders weekly
  • do not keep any loose papers in your textbooks
  • come to class prepared with books & writing utensils
  • put books directly in a book bag if needed for homework completion at home

Improving Your Child's Academic Performance

  • check your student's agenda nightly
  • provide a quiet place to study
  • study for tests/quizzes with them
  • ask to see completed homework
  • talk about his/her progress
  • encourage them to ask questions
  • call counselor/teachers to schedule conferences
  • communicate with teachers via email/phone
  • monitor their grades online
  • provide logical consequences when assignments are not completed
  • use rewards/incentives for improvement
  • set goals together
  • be patient...don't give up!

How to Avoid Test Anxiety

  • get a good night sleep
  • do not over several days and break information into manageable segments
  • eat a healthy breakfast
  • wear comfortable clothing
  • talk to the teacher about how to properly prepare for the test
  • have a positive attitude
  • be in attendance daily
  • RELAX!!!  do breathing exercises (a few deep breaths), practice positive imagery (imagine a calm/relaxing place)  IMAGINE YOURSELF DOING WELL!